Skyrocket Player - Video Viewing Right From Your Desktop

The Skyrocket Player is based on one simple but brilliant idea: an enjoyable online video viewing experience – without the browser! The Skyrocket Player offers seamless online video viewing directly on your desktop while working, browsing the Web or gaming. Discover high quality content from hundreds of channels in up-to-date categories including News, Sports, Movie Trailers, Gamers, Cooking and more, or search across millions of videos for a specific clip.

A floating player that can be positioned and resized anywhere on a user’s screen, Skyrocket Player also offers a unique transparency mode which allows you to select the level of transparency in order to view and even continue to click and work through the player, creating an ideal video-viewing environment for multi-taskers.

Personalize Your Player

Floats like a butterfly, plays like TV. The Skyrocket Player is able to be positioned and resized anywhere on the screen, freeing you from the constraints of browser viewing.

Better yet, choose the transparency of your player to keep reading, clicking and working right through the player.


Create Your Youtube Playlist

Addicted to YouTube? Skyrocket Player is fully integrated to allow you to search and watch YouTube videos straight from your desktop.

You can also drag and drop any YouTube video you find online during your daily browsing into the Skrocket Player to create your own YouTube playlist to watch outside your browser.

YouTube is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.


Watch Premium Channels

Sports fanatic? Novice chef in need of Cooking clips? Need the latest Celebrity Gossip? Or just looking for a never-ending stream of Funny Video to keep a smile on your face?

The Skyrocket Player is your one-stop video hub for hundreds of quality channels of awesome videos across every topic.